Reload 10 Free SMS Credit

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To receive free SMS credit for demo purposes, just submit your mobile number. Below is some simple steps on how you can claim your free sms credits.

If you have not registered for an iSMS account, please click HERE.

Step 1: Go to or to get Free Demo SMS Credit pin.

Illustration 1:Submit mobile number

Step 2: The free sms credit demo pin number will be sent to your mobile phone via SMS.

Illustration 2:Demo pin SMS

Step 3: Login to your iSMS account and click on "SMS Credit Reload".

Illustration 3:Login to iSMS

Step 4: Insert the 16 digits reload pin you have received in your SMS and click "Submit".

NOTE: Pin number can only be used once.

Illustration 4:Insert demo pin
Illustration 5:Demo pin reload success

To learn how to compose SMS, please click HERE.