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Can I schedule messages for later date and time?

Yes you can. Once you have created your message, you can select a time and date for to send your text message. If you need to change the scheduled time and date, you can do so via the Task Scheduler section.

Can the sender name be my business name instead of a number?

Yes. As long as it is 11 characters or less. Sender names are a great way to promote your busines. You may create unlimited sender names at no extra cost. The sender name could also be a mobile number or a Virtual Inbound Number that we can provide.

Why have I received multiple copies of a message?

In rare circumstances a message may be received more than once. This is most likely to occur when 'roaming' on a foreign network, or in an area with poor signal. If neither of these statements is true, then you should check that you are not sending multiple copies to iSMS by mistake.

Sometimes I receive duplicated massage.

This rarely happens in iSMS. This may occur when you are on roaming, or in a very low signal area. If you continue to face the same problem, send us an email at [support@mobiweb.com.my].

What is the protocol of sending message? Can I send anything to any one?

No, iSMS provides you the best of the SMS technology. iSMS ensures great, fast, reliable and secure way of communication. Using our sms service for sharing adult / porn content, spreading rumours, threatening language or any purpose which is against the law or causing dissatisfaction to any one is prohibited. Violating this protocol may lead to immediate account suspension without prior notification.

What format of mobile numbers should be used when I create contact list or send any message?

Just type the country code and mobile (e.g 60171122334). In case, if you wish to send a message to multiple mobile numbers, separate the number with a coma (,).