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Can they only reply or can they write to me at any time?

They can write to you any time within 24 hours, as long as you've sent them at least one message in the past.

What happens if someone gets two messages from iSMS and then replies?

This question is often asked.

So what happens when two people using iSMS, sends a text to the same mobile number and that person replies. Where does the reply go? The answer is simple. When they reply, it always goes to the most recent person who sent them a SMS.

To illustrate: A sends to mobile X. B sends to mobile X. If X replies then the reply will be sent to B.

This rarely causes a problem, but you need to understand that it might. This is why we call it a reply service and why we advise putting your name in the text message for easy identification.

If several people in your office regularly sends SMS to the same group of field-based people, then you must let them know that the replies will go to whoever sent them the most recent SMS.

I'm not receiving my email replies, what happened to them?

If you have chosen to have replies emailed to you and if you are not receiving them, then maybe our emails are being blocked by your spam filter.

Why can't I receive replies when using a sender name?

By using a sender name you are overriding the number where the message comes from. This means that the receiving phone cannot decipher where the message is originated in order to send a reply.

How do I see my received messages?

The messages you receive online will appear in your iSMS Reply Report. This inbox works just like your email inbox.

What is the cost of receiving replies?

It cost you absolutely nothing to receive a reply. However the sender will be charged at standard network rate.

NOTE: Received reply via Mobile will deduct 1 credit from your account. (check our Rate)

What is a keyword?

A keyword is a requirement when using any kind of shared number. The message must start with the keyword so the iSMS system can direct the message to the relevant person's inbox. Try and keep your keyword as simple as possible to avoid mistakes.

Does a Dedicated Inbound Number need a keyword?

No one other than you uses your Dedicated Inbound Number, so no keyword is required. Although, you can create keywords within your account for various SMS marketing campaigns if you wish.

Can I receive text messages as an email?

All inbound message sent to iSMS will be automatically forwarded to you via email.

Can you forward a message I received to my number?

Of course, we can automatically forward inbound messages to your handset. This costs 1 SMS credit.

For more info, please go to http://www.isms.com.my/rate.php